Profile: Apostle Jerome Liberty

Apostle Jerome Liberty is the founding and senior pastor of Victory Ministries International in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Apostle Liberty and his wife, Prophetess Eunice, started their ministerial journey over 20 years ago, running “Victory in Finance” workshops throughout South Africa’s major cities.

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The Church’s mandate is to ensure the salvation of the city, break the curve of poverty, and raise end-time financiers of the Gospel. He preaches a strong message of faith and heartfelt devotion to God to raise people who will be sold out for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church has a Bible school named, Ministry & Market Place Leadership Academy.

Over the years, Apostle Liberty has hosted city-wide conferences namely, Restoration, Victory in Finance, and Billionaires in Training. Apostle Liberty preaches on eight radio stations nationwide, including PEFM87.6 which was founded by him. Services are live-streamed to a global audience with active viewers in the USA, Australia and the UK among other places. While Apostle Liberty is an international speaker, he remains grounded at Victory, as he raises the body to realise its full potential.

The Holy Spirit – Apostle Jerome Liberty

YouTube VMIChannel1, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has a new video upload of “Message of the week” #TheHolySpirit by Apostle @JeromeLiberty:

“The more you grow in God, the more you get filled with #TheHolySpirit. There are a few things that will happen. Mind-sets will change.

You cannot think according to your old patterns. Your behaviours change. Your vocabulary changes.

Your social circles and friendships change because you used to be part of a group that made fun and ungodly jokes. It didn’t touch you. It didn’t affect you.

But now that you have the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is unwelcome. You say, “I need to step out, I need to step aside. I can’t be a part of this.”

The day when you stop receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit. And you no longer fill yourself up.

Then you come back in your life to shallowness, lukewarm-ness, prayerless-ness, to ungodly behaviours and ungodly language.

And instead of the deep water you are now only ankle deep.

And now you only practice your old ‘Amens’ and old ‘hallelujahs’ and you only quote your old scriptures, but the joy of the Lord is gone.

And the peace of God is gone, there’s no personal relationship with you and God because you’re no longer filling yourself up with the Holy Ghost… ”

– Apostle Jerome Liberty. Watch video here